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Best and Most Respected Casino Game Providers in Malaysia

by Kataoka Zenjirou (2018-05-16)

Many people all throughout the world have tried playing mobile casino gambling games. Online casino is considered as the most popular type of online gambling games these days since we are now in a generation wherein you can find all kinds of advanced technologies just like the internet everywhere. If you have tried playing this game, maybe you are familiar with the game developers or online casino providers behind your favorite mobile casino gambling games. If you are wondering about the history and some simple facts about the best and most respected casino game providers in Malaysia, you better read this post.

Asia Gaming (AG Casino)

Asia Gaming or AG Casino is one of Asia’s most innovative casino gaming software developers. Asia Gaming was founded in 2012 and since then, it gained the trust and respect of lots of online gamblers in Asia. Asia Gaming is the one who made the very first Pre-dealing 6 Cards, VIP Private Room, Squeeze Baccarat, and Interactive Bid Baccarat.


Allbet was established in 2014 and is also considered as one of the most innovative online gambling game developers corporation in the industry of Malaysia casino gambling. Allbet claimed to develop the very first and best Baccarat gaming platform in the industry.


One of the fastest-growing mobile casino gambling game developers in the industry is eBET. This game developer was established in 2012 and in the following year, it enters the international market. From the day since it was founded up to the present year, eBET has already grown itself into a large-scale and well-developed gambling software company.

As an online casino mobile gambler, you must remember this betting information about the best and most respected casino game providers in Malaysia for you to be aware of the ones who made and developed all of your favorite casino mobile gambling games.