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How to fix the issue of AOL Gold Automatic Update not working?

by aol gold (2019-02-06)

Automatic updates in AOL desktop gold are a key feature of this software that enables it to keep itself updated to the current version being launched in the market. If you come across the display error which states that AOL Automatic Update does not work, then you must implement the given solution:

• Go to windows icon>Update>Windows Update
• Once you have opened the Windows Update menu, you are required to go to Change Settings and then Important Updates. Select the box which states ‘Install
Updates Automatically’
• Save the changes, once completed.

If the given methods do not prove to be fruitful, then you can get in touch with Download and install the AOL Desktop Software. Sometimes there can be errors in the downloading and installation process, which is often ignored at the starting and later it may lead to specific errors.

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