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How to Handle Sexual Harassment at Workplace?

by Rosie George (2019-09-18)

You could be a distinguished and highly acknowledgeable scientist working at NASA or an academic writer working in a essay writing service, but you could still face sexual harassment at workplace. Usually, women suffer more as a consequence of power dynamics in corporate institutions. However, that doesn’t mean that they keep baring the problematic behaviour and remain in that toxic environment their entire life. They can take action and put the culprit behind bars by following the steps mentioned below.

Distinguish If Its Sexual Harassment

Despite the awareness and recent media coverage, there is still a large section of the population that is entirely unaware of their rights. They fail to understand what sexual harassment means and how they must raise their voice against it. Therefore, if you feel even slightly uncomfortable or unsafe in the presence of opposite gender and you feel the need to raise this concern to official authority, then bare it in your mind that it is sexual harassment. Sarcastic or vulgar comments, whistles, and subtle touching are all signs of sexual harassment. Hence, if you feel threatened or violated in any way possible, then you should contact the HR department of the company for an official complaint.

Decide If You Want To Take Action

Before you take action against such an offence, you have to consider many aspects. The consequences could be severe as the person could quickly lose everything they have – their career may be put on hold, their family will suffer the emotional and psychological abuse, and his or her reputation will be ruined forever. Moreover, several fingers will be raised at you as well. Therefore, make sure that you are ready to face it all with your head up high because you haven’t done anything wrong.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for the Consequences

As mentioned above, before you file an official complaint, you must consider all the consequences that will occur as a direct result of your decision to stand up for your rights. You might even feel guilty for putting the culprit’s family through such an intense situation.

Follow Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures

Sexual harassment is a sensitive matter, and you need to handle the situation in a professional and upright way. Therefore, the right thing to do is to follow the guidelines implemented by the company. Formulate an email and mention all the evidence, if you have any, and the experiences. If required, you might even go graphic with the details to ensure that there are no loopholes left behind to put the person in their place.

Sign the Grievance Form

Most companies have facilitated this option on the profile of every employee; this is to ensure how particular they are about the safety of their people. Therefore, sign the grievance form as soon as you feel ready to take action. 

Consider If There Is a Requirement for a LawyerFinally, if you feel that the HR manager is brushing the situation under the carpet and not taking severe action against the culprit, then you can even hire a lawyer to advocate for your rights. Therefore, don’t feel alone and fight your battle like a warrior.